Fringe Episode Recap: "The Bishop Revival" Season 2, Episode 14

The team investigates a wedding where the groom and all of his blood relatives have suffocated to death. They soon realize that not only does the killer have ties to the Nazis, but he also has a connection to Walter's father.

At the end of last week's recap I said that I was worried about this episode of Fringe after having seen the preview. To use Nazis as a villain these days tends to indicate a lack of originality - they've been used for 60 years now as the boilerplate villain in a lot of popular culture. Luckily, "The Bishop Revival" was not the episode I worried it would be, though that doesn't necessarily mean it was all that great either.

After Walter investigates the toxin used in the wedding from hell, he realizes that it's designed to kill people with a certain genetic characteristic. Following another attack at a coffee shop he realizes that that genetic characteristic is customizable - the killer can design the toxin to kill, say, people with brown eyes or black hair or people of certain races. He also realizes that the killer has left a signature in the toxin: a seahorse, which, as it turns out, is his father's signature.

Walter reveals that his father, Robert, was a scientist working for the Nazis, while also being a spy for the Allies. He got his messages to the Allies through his books, which Walter thinks he still has until Peter reveals he sold them for money a few years back. This causes Walter to get mad ... really mad. This is the first time I can recall that Walter got genuinely upset with Peter. But it makes sense, Walter has always been very protective of his family, even his extended FBI family (which, if his hinting to Peter at the beginning is any indication, he's hoping to turn into his immediate family), so selling his father's possessions qualifies as an especially egregious offense.

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