Review: Fringe - The Bishop Revival Season 2, Episode 14

An episode titled "The Bishop Revival" almost has a little religious overtone. But Fringe this week was all about Nazis and Walter's dad's involvement with them. Turns out Dr. Robert Bishop (a.k.a. Bishov or Bishoff) was affiliated with the University of Berlin and came to this country in 1943. Also that he was a spy for the allies, smuggling scientific secrets to the Americans. Thus the setup for this episode and a little backstory for Walter.

First of all, how fun to see Walter driving the wagon and smashing into some trash cans, much to Peter's chagrin. And then telling Peter that he's stashed his wedding tux ("Purple never goes out of style") away for whenever Peter gets married ... to Olivia. Now that I've got that out of the way...

I'm not really sure what to think of this episode. To me, the most interesting part of it wasn't so much about the villain and his diabolical "scientific experiment" to target specific victims. Rather, it was about the fact that Walter's dad was a spy in Germany! I mean, it certainly explains a few things about Walter's mad scientist tendencies. And the fact that he'd held onto those German books with the all of the scientific data scribbled in them says a lot.

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