The Girls Next Door: Birthday Girl Holly Madison "Excited" for Kendra's Son

As she nears the 30-year-old mark, former The Girls Next Door star Holly Madison can't help but look forward to something new and fresh. Before you think of Countess Elizabeth Bathory and her penchant for the blood of the young, let's explain.

According to Celebuzz, the very blonde reality star just celebrated her birthday in advance. She was, of course, in Las Vegas and had a blast at Jet nightclub last week. Despite her age, she's still young at heart, which is why she's thrilled at the arrival of her friend Kendra Wilkinson's baby boy.

Just like every fan of the original The Girls Next Door, Holly Madison can't keep herself patient enough for Kendra's kid. The 24-year-old mother is due this month, expected to have the baby by Christmas.

"I'm super-excited for her!" Holly told "She's less than a month away. It could happen anytime."

But even though we witnessed Kendra's baby shower on the latest episode of The Girls Next Door, reunions like that don't happen very often for the original stars of the show. Holly admits it's been difficult getting a hold of her Playboy mansion roommate ever since she moved away to be with her husband, Hank Baskett.

"It just sucks that she's all the way in Indiana because I want to be there, but I'll see the baby soon enough," Madison explained. "Hopefully next month, I'll get to see the baby."

Holly even said that she might head to Indiana herself just to babysit for Kendra. And though she's really thrilled at her friend's impending delivery, she still admits no one's as joyful as Kendra is right now.

"We text all the time and she's really excited." Madison went on. "She's happy as can be."

As for Holly, she'll be awaiting that date she turns 30, which is on December 23. If that coincides with Kendra's baby being born, then it's probably going to be quite a celebration for these Girls Next Door stars.

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