Review: Burn Notice - Friendly Fire Season 3, Episode 11

For a nice change of pace, Burn Notice played up the local color. Lots of Little Dominica (not Little Havana) and action, including multiple explosions, a little face-forward repelling and a new somewhat mystical character for Michael to play. No Southern boy this week. No tank tops or muscle shirts. Nope. Michael was looking like Mr. Applegate, the devil in the musical Damn Yankees.

The client came in the form of Houston cop Mack, Sam's old friend/nemesis. He was a nemesis because he had the audacity to marry Sam's ex-wife, Amanda, after him. Yes, Sam was married. Madeline's eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets when she heard that. But to her credit, she was worried about Sam. Mack's visit had unnerved him, and Maddie feared that he would screw up on the job.

The job was pretty nasty, too. Initially, Sam and Fiona's attempt to infiltrate the Latino community was just a way to illustrate that in tight neighborhoods, cop-detecting kids are like an early warning radar system. But Fiona's ability to heist a car set up an in with the locals for Michael.

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