Recap Numb3rs: Season 6, Episode 12 - Arm in Arms

The agents delve into the world of international arms dealing when they get word of a shipment of weapons moving through the port, supposedly destined for a war-torn region of Southeast Asia. But the stakes get even higher when they discover the weapons are faulty, rendering them even more deadly. They also learn that the guns are intentionally destined for the streets of LA. Meanwhile Charlie and Amita cannot decide on a wedding date. Don asks Robin to marry him for practicality sake and she declines, knowing it is a sign of his unreadiness. In the end they decide that when he is ready, he will romantically propose and she will accept; for now they happily maintain their two household arrangement. Charlie and Amita try to find a wedding date using competing math equations. Ultimately Alan gives them his wedding date October 9th, and he is happy to share it with them. David shows an arms dealer a crime scene with massive deaths, that he has enabled through his dealings of deadly weapons. The arms dealer realizes he cannot contribute to help guns get to the streets anymore and helps the FBI trap a huge arms dealer and find the shipment of faulty weapons.

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