Chuck: Season 3 Extended Preview

Can't get enough of the new and improved Chuck Bartowski? NBC has released yet another preview for Chuck season 3 and this time, it's loaded with tons of teasers. The new video, which runs a little under six minutes, sheds light on just what it means to be "No more Mr. Nice Spy." It also gives fans a quick refresher on the Intersect and what's happened so far.

As we all know, the Intersect has loaded Chuck with new physical abilities, allowing him to learn Kung Fu at an instant flash. But besides his fist of fury, Chuck has learned other new skills such as playing the guitar, dancing and mastering a foreign language.

Casey is skeptical about Chuck going from zero to hero, Sarah is just in awe of his newfound abilities while fans are just excited to see Chuck as a real spy. Don't expect Chuck to always succeed, though. His new found abilities don't always work that's why Casey and Sarah have to guide and protect him all the more.

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