Audrina Patridge Heading Out of 'The Hills'

With her role on the new movie Sorority Row, did Audrina Patridge find better company there? She might have, but that doesn't affect her decision to move on from her role on MTV's The Hills. She told E! Online about her future plans, from the horror flick she's starring in to developing her own reality show.

"I'm graduating," Patridge told the publication. "I'm moving on. At times, I feel like I'm in high school, but I didn't even go through this stuff in high school."

Well, that's pretty much good to hear. She's been billed as one of the primary cast members on The Hills, spending about three years in that show. It was one thing she really focused on, but now it's time to put a different spin on things.

Regarding her new reality show, Audrina says she'll start shooting once The Hills wraps up. There's plenty in store for the new season, especially with the introduction of another cast member. Even so, this 24-year-old star is really determined to start anew.

It could be due to the feud she seems to have with co-star Heidi Montag. She reportedly commented on Heidi's performance during last month's Miss Universe pageant as though picking a fight with Speidi. Audrina even questioned how dedicated the singer was to music.

Meanwhile, she's not too enthusiastic on her acting career on The Hills at all. "It's like a job," she said. "I do it, I leave and then I forget about it." Still, she aspires to go past her fame on reality television and truly make it in the entertainment world. Patridge tried to make it into the new season of Dancing with the Stars, but wasn't allowed by MTV. With that, she concentrated on other aspects of her career.

Audrina will be starring in her own show next year. She's still keeping her options open though. "My dream is to be in feature films but I'd love to be on a scripted TV series, too," she said. "A comedy would be fun."

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