Smallville Season 9 Episode 18 Recap: "Charade"

In this episode of Smallville, the Blur's photo is snapped while Lois investigates the early prison release of ex-District Attorney Raymond Sacks. In an attempt to get the photo back, Lois and Clark run into Checkmate agent Maxwell Lord. Elsewhere, Chloe uncovers Zod's big secret.

The episode opens on Ray Sacks' welcome home party. The speakeasy environment speaks more than words on how much of a sleaze he is, but we already know he tried to kill Lois and expose the Blur. Speaking of the Blur, one of his lackeys lets him know that someone has snapped a picture of the Blur. Just as the guy asks for his $1 million, Lois pops out of a giant cake dressed as a bunny. After blowing a kiss to Sacks, she spots Clark and lands a sweet right hook on his jaw. (How did she not break her hand?) They're both then laid off from the Daily Planet when a photo of their scuffle ends up on the front page.

So how did this all come to be? Let's flash back to earlier that morning to get the full story. Lois meets with Chloe, who had just received a sweet text from her Emerald Archer, to get a new telescope for Clark. The pair sits down for a drink and Lois reveals that she's going to drop the L-bomb tonight. Yes, they haven't said "I love you" yet, "among other significant relationship milestones," says Lois, adding that they will be revealing their secrets to each other that night so that nothing can come between them.

Chloe makes her way to the Kent farm to chide Clark for even thinking about revealing his secret to Lois, but he insists he's only seducing her to find out what she's been hiding from him. Chloe points out that the Blur asked Lois not to reveal their relationship, which just means that Clark asked her to hide it from himself. (I know, my brain hurts, too.) While Chloe says her relationship with Oliver works because they know it's second to their mission, Clark believes he and Lois can have the same if he reveals his true identity.

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