Review: Project Runway - The Hi's and Low's of Fashion Season 7, Episode 3

This week on Project Runway, the contestants finally get the opportunity to go to Mood. The contestants are divided into teams of two and have to make a high end signature look with $500 and two days to work on it. Tim announces a twist after day one: they have to make a look for less. The big twist was that the look for less had to be another team's dress.

We get one advantage of pairing up the high number of contestants: we finally see interviews from several contestants who have blended with the walls. Of course we're treated to Ping running around like a chicken with her head cut off announcing, "oh shoes!" and being convinced that hooker-wear is classy fabric.

This was the first real challenge where the sky was the limit for the first dress. They had the highest budget ever and yet none of them went far. Yes, they had to make somewhat classic dresses that could stand proud next to Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, but none of them were that original.

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