Review: Live for the Moment - Roger Childs (series premiere) Episode 1

Live for the Moment goes for the heartstrings at the first minute. In the premiere episode, we meet Roger Childs who started to suffer from ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease). Even with his body degenerating, he's managed to continue to be positive for his wife and two children. Jeff Probst arrives, hands the family a journal with several "missions" and hopes that the family will live for the moment.

On paper, the show is basically Phil Keoghan's show No Opportunity Wasted, but with a bigger budget and longer timeline. Live for the Moment is truly a combination of The Bucket List, Big Fish, and Up! The show is saccharine sweet and would have fit perfectly on the Hallmark Channel.

Roger says the most important moral of the episode: it's the small moments and keeping perspective that's important. Anyone could have gotten that from someone closer to their family who has an event similar to Roger; they would have been able to tell you that whether it was a natural disaster, cancer, or just losing a job. There are tons of books and Lifetime specials that could have told us that.

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