Review: Archer - Killing Utne Episode 4

Ah, yes. Yet another fine episode of Archer. This show has been steadily funny, which is good. I'm still waiting for it to do something outrageous and surprise us with a particularly extra-hilarious or an especially terrible episode, but I don't mind watching something that I can rely on for decent laughs, even if it doesn't leave me rolling on the floor.

As someone who often watches things with a weird need to find some higher level of comedy or accidental tragedy embedded within shows (even cartoons), I find myself willing to accept the ridiculousness of Archer a little more quickly than usual.

This episode revolved around some good, old-fashioned murderous mix-ups. Too many assassin-cooks spoil the murder-broth. I guess. Malory wanted to seduce a UN intelligence chairman, Torvald Utne, with a dinner party in order to get some sweet deals for ISIS, but her Soviet Union lover boy had conflicting plans for Utne. I'm ashamed by how long it took me to realize that Utne was Jeffrey Tambor. It was George Bluth, Sr. and Lucille together again, and I almost completely missed it! Please do not revoke my right to call myself an Arrested Development fan.

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