The Girls Next Door: Hef a Pseudo-Dad to Kendra Wilkinson's Baby?

When celebrities get pregnant, we get to experience every waking moment leading to the birth of their bundles of joy. Even if we don't really want to. Anyway, here's another update on Kendra Wilkinson's baby.

On an interview with Us Weekly, the star of The Girls Next Door and her own series Kendra said how she'll introduce her son to former flame Hugh Hefner. Kendra said that she wants her son to spend some time with the Playboy millionaire as another father figure to rely on.

It sounds like she wants some of Hef's charm to rub off on her baby. That is, if there's any left.

"When the baby's born, I'll bring him back to the [Playboy mansion]," Kendra revealed. "Hef is a huge part of my life and I don't care about any other wh*re there." Such sweet words for a mother-to-be.

Kendra went on about how she thinks Hugh Hefner would be a great person to look up to, even though she's sure her husband Hank can certainly handle that for their kid. A boy's hero is supposedly their father, but are they sure it won't hurt to have the founder of Playboy as a role model?

"I care about Hef," Kendra admitted. "He's a good dad, a great person and I want my child to be around him a little bit."

She might even take her boy to the famous Playboy parties. "Partying was one chapter in my life and it will always be a part of me."

Whatever the case, Kendra is definitely excited about the arrival of her son. The 24-year-old reality celebrity is expecting the child on Christmas, and she's busy preparing for that special day. She recently purchased some furniture with her husband, football star Hank Baskett of the Philadelphia Eagles.

They've also had photo shoots of Kendra and her belly, and even went out golfing. While it's exciting for the couple, we all just have to wait and watch until the kid's actual birthday. Surely they'll feature that on Kendra, and Hef might even make an appearance.

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