HUGE Episode 8 ''Birthdays'' Review

HUGE takes a surprising turn of events in the episode Birthdays. It starts off innocently enough with Chloe and Alistair celebrating their birthday. Chloe plans a party, complete with stolen alcohol found under Poppy's bed. But Amber becomes ill from drinking and returns to the cabin, where Will of all people helps her and advises her to be careful with George. Because of this, Will doesn't meet Becca as planned for a rousing game of runes. At the party, a game of truth-or-dare goes wrong when Piz is dared to kiss Alistair. Alistair's tearful expression is so sad, when he realizes that it's all a joke, under the apparent auspices of Chloe. In true Alistair fashion though, he forgives everybody, especially Trent who he has a crush on.

Dr. Rand and Wayne are officially dating now. She reveals to him that she is in a 12-step program for food addiction. He offers to go with her to a meeting after which they kiss. Dr. Rand has never looked happier and more relaxed. But wait; this is the shocking part. Jonathan, the director from the tennis camp next door, is back. He sends Dr. Rand a couple of texts and they end up in the back of a car, having sex. What?! Remember he's married.

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