Cheers & Jeers: Jon Hamm Goes Mad!

Cheers to Jon Hamm for showing his wry side once again. On the debut of TV Guide Network's Curb: The Discussion, the Golden Globe-winning actor best known as the dead-serious Don Draper (or is that Dick Whitman?) on Mad Men gamely analyzed the behavior of Larry David as part of a post-Curb Your Enthusiasm celebrity panel. He revealed he's "not a fan" of breast implants before joking he's got them, and "my nipples are just as sensitive as they were before the implants." This should come as no surprise - the sense of humor, not the sensitive nipples - to anyone who's seen Hamm cut loose on 30 Rock (where his too-good-to-be-true Dr. Drew recently lost his hands in a freak helicopter accident) or guest-hosting SNL (one word: Sergio!). Like Alec Baldwin, Hamm's a goofball blessed with leading-man looks. Larry David would be wise to give him an arc on Curb next season: The guy's a natural-born ham.

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