Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 6, Episode 17 - Birthright Part 2

The plot concerning Data's dreams is concluded. Part two deals almost entirely with Worf at the Romulan prison compound. Worf is puzzled by the Klingons' lack of desire to escape, but the elders explain that it is not a prison in the conventional sense: they have chosen to stay, since returning would be a great dishonor to their families, who have assumed the warriors died in battle. Worf is not allowed to leave, however, to keep the compound's secret. He discovers that some Romulans and Klingons have even inter-married and had hybrid children. Worf eventually inspires the young Klingons, who were born in the compound and know nothing of their heritage, to be curious about their heritage. Eventually the head Romulan, Tokath, offers Worf a choice: to live among them according to their rules, or to be executed. Worf chooses death, which is honorable in its defiance. The next morning, at Worf's execution, the young Klingons he has inspired suddenly decide to stand and die with him. Unwilling to kill them all, Tokath allows Worf and the young Klingons to leave. A Romulan warbird delivers them to the Enterprise, which had been searching for Worf since his disappearance from DS9.

Source: Wikipedia

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