Supernatural Season 5, Episode 21: "Two Minutes to Midnight" Review

If last week's Supernatural felt like it was a lot of set up, then this week is when things start to pay off. There is a lot to accomplish, and Dean and Sam finally have a semblance of a plan. There's nothing like waiting till the last second, right boys?

It was surprising to me that the brothers did not make further headway last week on getting the ring they need from Pestilence, and this is the first thing they tackle in "Two Minutes to Midnight." Matt Frewer (Eureka) is smoothly sinister as the Horseman who likes cooking up mixtures of fatal diseases. Dean and Sam do not appear to have much of a plan when they go in to get his ring; I am not sure why they think they can escape the deadly disease aspect that comes with going against Pestilence. The scene itself is tense (although I could still do with less of the splattering slime), and gives Frewer a chance to spout off his villainous motivation, but it is unclear what exactly the plan of attack is supposed to have been.

Luckily, Castiel is back and saves the day, so we don't have to ponder the situation too much. Misha Collins's return to the show is more than welcome and he manages to be both hilarious and bad-ass right away. He is as deadpan as ever as Castiel describes his human body with no remaining angel power. All things considered, Castiel accepts the situation amazingly well (remember how depressed he was in "The End" earlier this season?). However, just because he doesn't have his "angel mojo" doesn't mean he can't swoop in and save the day. Pestilence and his demon friend find this out the hard way in an awesome sequence that involves Pestilence's fingers gruesomely being cut off.

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