Review: Get Him to the Greek

It's not every day that a movie performance is so funny and indelible it earns its own spin-off. In Get Him to the Greek, the flamboyant British actor-comedian Russell Brand resurrects his character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), a fantastically narcissistic and dissolute rock star named Aldous Snow. Aldous, like Brand himself, has a mop of tangly black hair, a saintly gaze, and an aristocratic love-me pout that combine to make him look like Jesus of East London. He's a magnificent, rocky-horror wastrel. Aldous' walk is somewhere between a slither and a lurch, and he talks in a Cockney singsong so cheerfully oblivious that, at first, you may think he's Spinal Tap dim. Yet every word that spews out of Aldous' head has its own uncanny egotistical logic. (Don't think of it as a threesome, he explains to an overly cautious acquaintance. Think of it as having sex with your girlfriend, while someone else also has sex with your girlfriend.)

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