Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 2 - Magic Hour

Piper Halliwell is not having a good day. All around, the signs of marriage, weddings, and engagements dance in front of her face like a taunting from a schoolyard bully. This frustrates her very much, since she'd like to experience such bliss with her true love, Leo. Of course, The Higher Powers have an issue about their White Lighters associating with mortals on a personal scale. Moping and cranky, Piper returns home from the hairdresser's, with Phoebe and Prue making preparations to witness the upcoming solar eclipse... and arguing on who'll be Maid of Honor. The girls try to support their sister, but Fate has other plans. Leo arrives to the scene with more bad tidings. The Higher Powers want a resolution to Piper's relationship by tomorrow night, or Leo is reassigned. When the subject of elopement is raised, Leo adds the salt to the wound: Since the Powers are leery about a proposed marriage, they will be paying closer attention to the Halliwell household for a few days. This means any talk about the mar... eh, 'rutabaga' will mean an unspeakable wraith will befall the couple. Phoebe is naturally concerned about being caught in the crossfire while Prue expresses her disgust over the Powers' petty coldness over Piper's happiness. For now, Leo must remain scarce until a solution is found. Of course, finding one would be easy... if there were no distractions. Alas, Kit brings one to their doorstep as the cat harasses a distressed owl. The girls scold him... until the owl turns into a handsome and naked young man named Christopher as the night comes. Prue and Phoebe suddenly like this "distraction".

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