Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 5 - Sight Unseen

At P3, things are tense: the music, the customers, and the owners. Their little trip back to 17th Century Virginia has put them out of sorts, particularly Prue. Finding out The Triad has an one demon death squad after her and her sisters has given her a serious Ahab complex: to find the assassin, ask him why The Triad is after them, and then rid the universe of their stench. All well and good, but her little obsession is costing her big... especially in her love life, as Piper okays her barkeep Abbey to serve another drink for Prue's date Sean. A double at that.

Piper has her own worries. Though the Higher Powers have given a begrudging approval to her romance with the Whitelighter Leo, it seems the lovers can't... get it on. Twice he had to orb out in the middle of their passion and frankly, the thought of the Powers peeping in on their erotic acrobatics has her flustered. She may be a sensual woman as far as Leo is concerned, but she's no exhibitionist... not even of the unaware kind. Phoebe's love life is also on edge. Their little flirting tango is heated and very arousing, but unless the pressure is released, she may have to become an exhibitionist just to save her sanity.

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