Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 6 - Primrose Empath

Prue is feeling a little, no, a lot frustrated at the moment. She's in the kitchen, trying to push a fork across the table. She tries and tries and TRIES, but the fork still sits on the table mocking her. Phoebe walks in and is surprised by how her sister's telekinesis is not working. She asks if Prue lost her powers, and she mutters about how can she have powers if she didn't have them to start... and then blinks out! Phoebe's now the frustrated one. She's not at all happy when Prue does her astral games. She yells out 'Marco!' and gets a 'Polo!' in the living room. Prue's studying a book of telekinesis. It seems since finding out about Belthazor and his awesome powers, she's been training her astral self to use telekinesis. Sort of the same maneuver she used against Abbey, only with a twist. So far, she hasn't been successful.

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