Why promoting 'FlashForward' as next 'LOST' was a bad idea

If you watched any television on ABC during the months leading up to FlashForward's series premiere, you probably got the message loud and clear: FlashForward is the next LOST. ABC did everything in their power to convince the viewing public that FlashForward was the show that was destined to fill the hole that was going to be left by LOST's absence after its 6th and final season.

The FlashForward promotion worked, too. Many viewers were extremely excited leading up to FlashForward's premiere, and the buzz on the Internet was exactly what ABC was pushing. The LOST fanbase, for the most part, tuned in to see what ABC expected them to watch when their beloved Island drama was dead and buried (unlike a certain ex-disabled walking deadman).

However, the FlashForward/LOST cross-promotion may have actually had negative consequences that ABC didn't expect, or that maybe they had their network fingers crossed against: unrealistic expectations for viewers.

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