Heroes: "Upon This Rock/Let It Bleed" Review

Monday night gave us two hours of Heroes as the series returned from its month-long hiatus. Instead of coming back with a bang, the show continued its steady pace and mannered storytelling. It's true that you should be careful what you wish for, as these restrained tales have sort of sucked the excitement out of a once hit series about people with super powers. Both "Upon This Rock" and "Let It Bleed" dragged along, even with the return of Sylar's consciousness to his often bare-chested body. Surprisingly, the plotline I enjoyed most from the night was Hiro looking for his Sancho Panza.

Several weeks ago, after having his tumor-infested brain messed with by one of Samuel's mind-controlling carnies, Hiro asked Scotty to beam him up so he could rescue Dr. Watson. Immediately, thoughts of last season's Child Hiro surfaced which then brought out an audible grown. Could the writers actually be retracing this familiar, annoyingly unsuccessful territory? As his story opened this week, it started to feel that way. But as Hiro began mixing his sci-fi/fantasy references, (Jedis and Danger Rooms and Caprica -- oh, my!) it became clear that something more was going on. And with the help of Ando, Hiro's ramblings began making sense: "Someone took a shabu spoon and stirred up his fanboy brain." Yes, it was a bit silly. And yes, it was a bit of a stretch that Ando would ever figure out what Hiro was trying to say, but the plot was at least fun and entertaining.

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