Recap Third Watch: Season 1, Episode 14 - 32 Bullets and a Broken Heart

A gunman kills the groom and wounds others inside a church during a same-sex wedding ceremony. Later, at a hall where gay men prepare for a Valentine's Day party, the killer strikes again. An activist group called Fight Back warns Bosco that if the police cannot protect gays, they will protect themselves. After a third shooting at a nightclub, Bosco finds men from Fight Back brutally beating the killer. Bosco uses his billy club to stop the vigilantes, but he's too late. Father O'Roark , who presided over the aborted wedding and chided the police for inaction, stuns everyone with his compassionate administration of the last rites to the dying man.

Meanwhile, Yokas arrests her husband, Fred, for drunk driving after he smashes his car into a bus shelter while on his way to pick up their children. When he's finally freed and returns home, she orders him to leave, vowing not to let her children grow up in a household with an alcoholic as she did.

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