Recap Third Watch: Season 1, Episode 15 - Officer Involved

On patrol, Sully and Davis see three black youths savagely beating a man. Sully pursues the fleeing suspects on foot while Davis remains with the critically injured victim. Sully stumbles and accidentally discharges his weapon as he falls to the pavement. Alarmed, Davis runs to locate his partner. Rounding a corner, Davis sees a black man, Byron Felder , standing over Sully, a gun in his hand. Not realizing that Felder is a helpful bystander returning Sully's weapon to him, Davis fires twice, severely wounding and paralyzing Felder. When he learns of his error, Davis is distraught. At Mercy Hospital, he attempts to apologize to the Felder family to no avail. Davis appears before Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) inspectors investigating the officer-involved shooting. Another attempt to apologize to the Felders ends with Davis being repeatedly slapped by the victim's enraged wife. IAB rules Davis' shooting of Felder justifiable, but the rookie remains disconsolate.

Tension builds between Yokas and Bosco over her decision to make her husband, Fred, leave home. Bosco angrily accuses her of giving up on her marriage without making any effort to help her alcoholic spouse. Later, Bosco reveals to her how miserable his own parents' separation made him feel as a child. Not wanting to hurt her children, Yokas agrees to help Fred stop drinking and lets him return home.

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