Recap Third Watch: Season 1, Episode 16 - Nature or Nurture

Doc and Carlos treat the gunshot wound of a young gang member, Nickel . Later, a rival gang member, Puppet , is shot in reprisal, and his little brother, Kenny , aims Puppet's gun at Doc and Carlos and threatens to kill them if they don't save his brother. On the way to the hospital, a hysterical Puppet reveals his real name, Nathaniel, to Doc and vows to give up gang life if he survives. Carlos files a complaint against Kenny with Sully and Davis. Called to pick Kenny out of a lineup, Carlos chooses not to identify him due to Doc's compassionate plea. Doc is shocked when Puppet signs himself out of the hospital to seek revenge against his assailants. In the clash that ensues, Kenny is killed, and Carlos regrets his failure to follow through on the police complaint. Although in jail, Kenny would at least be alive. An angry Doc places Kenny's lifeless body in his unrepentant brother's lap.

Joey is surprised to find Brooke in the Doherty kitchen at breakfast. At school, Joey pushes two boys, breaking the arm of one. Seeing a connection between the two events, Kim berates Doherty for being an irresponsible parent, and he blames her. But later, when dangerous enforcers for the bookie to whom he's indebted take his wallet, his watch and his car in front of Joey, Doherty cannot deny that he is a terrible father.

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