RIZZOLI & ISLES ''When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang'' Review Episode 10

The season finale of RIZZOLI & ISLES, titled When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang, does not disappointment which I feared was a possibility after last week. The plot was interesting; there was action and tension; and the episode ended with enough doubt to make us care about what will happen next season. Also I am glad that the entire main cast, including Bass the tortoise, made an appearance tonight. We are even given a brief introduction to Jane and Frankie’s brother Tommy, who we are told ran down a priest in a crosswalk while DUI for the third time.

The big drama involves cop Danny Clarke who is killed while working undercover for homicide division on Korsak’s case. The case involves two dead truck drivers who were involved in drug trafficking. Danny was assigned to the case by Lt. Det. Sean Cavanaugh, who didn’t tell anyone about it and is acting suspiciously. But it turns out he is just bearing the weight of responsibility for letting Danny go undercover alone.

Jane questions Danny’s former long-time partner Bobby (Erik Palladino), who says Danny was a dirty cop. A drug addict witness turns up to say she can identify Danny’s shooter if she gets out of doing time. The gang who killed Danny arrives at Boston homicide headquarters, shooting everyone in sight and looking for evidence. The witness is killed. Jane finds that Frankie has been injured. In the autopsy room, Maura determines that he is critically injured.

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