SPOOKS Season 9 Episode 3 Review Season 9, Episode 3

A chemical agent is seized in Azakstan as part of a joint British/Russian operation, resulting in the murder of several AAF (an Azakstani terrorist organisation) members. One of the last remaining members of that team, Aibek, is sent to London to find another sample of the chemical agent, known as Paroxocybin.

Aibek finds the doctor, Kirby, who has the Paroxocybin, but Kirby wonâ??t tell him where it is. So Aibek beats him up and goes after his daughter. But she wonâ??t break, even when he tries to drown her, so he moves on.

Meanwhile the Spooks team are having second thoughts in their dealings with the Russians. A Russian agent is assigned to them, but when Kirbyâ??s daughter turns up dead, Beth suspects the Russian agent killed her trying to get the location for Paroxocybin himself.

So a ruse is set up which leaves the Russian agent dead. The Russians think he died nobly, trying to stop Aibek from getting away with the Paroxocybin. The world thinks the AFF now possess Paroxocybin, causing the Russians to withdraw from their plan to invade Azakstan.

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