Deadliest Catch' recap: The beginning of the end Season 6, Episode 11

We've known this episode was coming ever since we found out that Capt. Phil Harris insisted the cameras keep filming after he suffered a stroke because they needed a great finish to the story, and it's made season 6 - the show's most-watched - exquisitely excruciating. You couldn't have scripted a more moving start to Phil's final days if you tried.

We started with a replay of the confrontation Phil and son Jake had in last week's episode after the skipper caught his deckhand stealing some of his prescription pain medicine. Phil said he never wanted to see Jake again after they got home, but once Jake admitted he was an addict, Phil softened. He told Jake it had to end, and Jake agreed because it's ruining his life. Then go to treatment. That's the only f-in thing that's gonna save your ass, Phil said. He asked Jake what he was going to do when he got home, and Jake said go to meetings. I'll go with ya, Phil said. I understand. I'm guessing I wasn't the only one who started sobbing at that point?

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