Four Reasons 'FlashForward' Was Canceled

'FlashForward' was canceled because ABC wasn't satisfied with the ratings, obviously. But that's not the whole story. When a series premieres at 12.5 million viewers and plummets to seven million within the first ten episodes, there's something else going on. Now, it's ranking consistently below five million for its final few episodes.

The bottom line is that the creators failed to deliver on the promise of the premise. People were intrigued by the idea of 'FlashForward.' The pilot tested well and, by early buzz, it looked like ABC may have found their "replacement" for 'Lost.' But while 'Lost' got more and more complex and intense as it went along, 'FlashForward' quickly went off the rails.

The scripts were out for retooling even before the show premiered, and it was ultimately yanked from the schedule in December 2009 for a more dramatic overhaul. In the end, they never quite got it right. So what went so wrong?

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