'24': Beware the Jack Bauer Imperial March Season 8, Episode 22

While watching the third-to-last hour of "24" ever, did anyone else get the impression that Jack Bauer had finally succumbed to the Dark Side?

The hour begins happily enough for Charles Logan. He gets the President to publically announce his involvement in saving the peace deal... but the good times just aren't destined to last.

Jason reveals the brutal disembowelment of Pavel, which coupled with the imminent revealing of information by Meredith means the whole operation is about to be blown wide open. Because of this, Logan begs President Taylor to effectively shut down Meredith's paper and censor the free press. Incredibly, she goes along with this and orders an equally unwilling Tim to sic the FBI on the case. To Meredith's credit, she doesn't immediately favor Jack, especially when he initially reveals nothing. But once the truth begins to come out (and she gets her hands on the proof), she deftly maneuvers to meet with her editor... except he's been silenced. Lucky for her, she piques Kayla's interest in the whole deal before the FBI hauls her (and the evidence) away.

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