Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Season 2, Episode 18 - Let's Try That Again

Amy admits to Madison and Lauren that Jimmy hasn't called since their last date. When they made out for two hours. So what could be wrong? Madison says ,aybe Amy's a bad kisser. That, combined with the fact that Anne's finally come home but refuses to stay unless George agress to family therapy, sends Amy into the band practice room to be alone. When Ricky walks in and asks what's wrong, she asks if she's a bad kisser. Well. He not only tells her she's not a bad kisser but also says the two of them (yeah -- Ricky and Amy) could just ... "practice." You know, as friends. Uh. Will she do that?

Another idea some people aren't gung-ho about is the new Mother-Daughter Dance Dr. Bink has invented to replace the traditional Father-Daughter Dance. Madison doesn't like it because her mom passed away five years ago and her dad married a much younger woman. Grace doesn't like it because she's furious with Kathleen for considering remarriage so soon after Marshall's death.

Speaking of marriage, Cindy and Ruben are planning a small, intimate wedding, snd they want Ricky's parents to be the witnesses. Of course, they've have to meet Ricky's parents first. And though Ricky does ask his foster mom, Margaret, if she'd do it (she's be happy to), he's still not comfortable with Adrian getting that close to him or his family. As a matter of fact, he tells Ben, he's not even sure if he wants anything more than sex from a relationship. Uh-oh.

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