Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Season 2, Episode 19 -

The new school counselor, Dr. Bink (Mayim Bialik), organizes Grant High School's first mother/daughter dance during which each group learns a great deal about the other and their respective personal lives. To the surprise of Amy and Ashley, Anne reveals that she and George are getting remarried, and Ben comes to the realization that he is still in love with Amy.

Amy still hasn't heard from Jimmy after their date. While the girls are off with their moms at the school dance, Ricky babysits John at the Juergens' house. Ruben, there playing poker with George, learns that Ricky kissed Amy, but vows not to tell Adrian and to allow Ricky to tell her himself. Meanwhile, Adrian jumps to conclusions, assuming that something more is going on between Ricky and Amy, and in an effort to get back at them, goes after Ben. Cindy talks about her wedding plans to Ruben, and Kathleen admits she too has found a man she wants to marry.

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