The Closer Season 5, Episode 8: "Elysian Fields" - Recap

This week on TNT's The Closer, a new murder revived a decade-old, unsolved case, leading Brenda to get an "assist" from retired detective "Joey O" Olin (guest star Tom Skerritt). All the while, Brenda is haunted by a loose end of her own. Here now the recap!

It's the middle of the night and Brenda fell asleep with the TV on. As she retires to bed - Fritz isn't home - she spies an open bathroom window, then hears something break in the living room. Whipping out her gun and retrieving her cell, she calls the office for back-up: "Send units to my house, now! Stroh, he's here!"

Brenda is awoken from this nightmare by the actual ring of her cell. We see that the file for the unsolved Stroh case is on her nightstand. Says Gabriel on the phone, "Chief, we've got a body."

The victim is Howie Greeson, and he was dragged by an SUV for a while before being shot in the head and left to be discovered in a remote section of a park. Flynn immediately recognizes the name as a suspect in a pair of 1999 killings, from an unsolved case worked by now-retired Det. Joey Olin. Brenda asks Flynn to call "Joey O" for a consult. "This is going to make his day!" effuses Flynn. Indeed.

During a walk-and-talk, we see more of Brenda's fixation on her own unsolved case, as she asks Gabriel to dive back a full five years into the sinister Stroh's case files.

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