Review: NCIS - Faith Season 7, Episode 10

Is that an oxymoron? No, not really, although the death of a Muslim Marine is a bit of a downer. Presumably they had to have some case for the crew to work on, but all things considered, it wasn't much of a mystery and the show could have been just as good without it.

The real crux of the episode was the surprise visit by Gibbs' father. Ralph Waite was back as Mark Harmon's dad, and you have to like the casting. He's not only a good actor, he actually looks like Harmon and has a similar taciturn quality.

The death of the Marine related to his conversion to Islam, a fact that was seen by his Reverend father as an act of rebellion. The appearance of Corey Reynolds -- from The Closer -- as a Muslim Naval chaplin lent authority. I just half-expected him to start dealing with the forensics like he was on the job with Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson.

In pursuit of the killer, Ziva and Tony encountered some bigots in a bar. "Red throats," Ziva called them. "Rednecks," Tony corrected. The fight scene felt obligatory. It would have been a surprise if Ziva had not kicked their asses all over the joint.

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