'The Good Wife' Episode 21: The Verdict Is In...

You know your show is popular when Washington power player Vernon Jordan makes an unbilled cameo--as himself. Such is the fortunate position of The Good Wife, which enters the last few episodes of its premiere season as the hands-down new drama winner of the year.

In this week's episode, "Unplugged," a rock star becomes the subject of a battle over his estate when he winds up in a coma, with his wife and mistress wrangling over whether to keep him on life support or not. (Get it? "Unplugged"--he's a musician ... ) Anyway, this genuine life-or-death decision is the foreground to what viewers consider the real story: Who will win the Alicia-Cary job smackdown?

For the Record

Things aren't looking so good for our gal until she's called in to second chair the alimony settlement for the rock star's soon-to-be-ex wife, Caroline. But before everything can be finalized, the legal eagles learn the musician has been in a motorcycle accident. He's now in a coma. Through some quick thinking, Alicia and lead counsel David make the last page of the divorce decree disappear. If the rock star, Max, lives (albeit in a coma), then Caroline retains control of a $40 million estate. If he dies, then his new will makes his young mistress, Shana, richer by 40 mil.

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