New Sherlock Holmes Clip

Sherlock Holmes comes out on Boxing Day here, and it's very nice of Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie to think of us over the holiday season and package up such a big present. But just in case the snowfall and a surfeit of sugary goods in the office has you, like the Empire staff, jumping up and down with glee and unable to wait, here's a rather ace clip from the film to keep you going.

This extract sees Holmes (Downey Jr.) confronting the villainous Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) in a cell deep in Pentonville Prison, where the pernicious peer faces execution for his crimes (murder of several girls, and a further attempted murder). Even from his death row cell, however, Blackwood remains focused on his campaign of terror - and Holmes has to figure out how much of his bluster is worth worrying about.

For the rest, go see Sherlock Holmes on December 26. Or December 27, or another day, for that matter - we're not in charge of your diary.

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