Brothers and Sisters: Get to Know Scotty on 'Side-Dish'

For the slightly long wait until 2010, there's the need to satisfy ourselves for the absence of many favorite television shows. Brothers and Sisters won't be returning until January 3 next year, so we just had to look for something that would keep us happy until then.

We have stumbled upon a number of things on the show's official website, finally leading us to Side Dish by Scotty. The blog features weekly food updates from one of Brothers and Sisters' beloved characters, played by actor Luke Macfarlane.

Aside from recipes written up by this famous TV chef, the Side Dish page also has snippets of Kevin and Scotty's adventures. The most recent post has the two heading out to Wilshire Blvd, where they discovered something heartwarming.

"[T]his morning as Kevin and I drove down Wilshire Blvd I came across yet another example of people playing with their food...this time, for a great cause," Scotty writes. "CanstructionLA is a competition between LA's leading architects, engineers and designers who built enormous sculptures all out of cans of food."

He continues, "The structures were put on display in the building lobby at 5900 Wilshire Blvd for people to enjoy and, after two weeks, all the canned food is donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Last year they raised 62,000 cans and this year it looked like even more. That's the kind of playing with your food we can all get behind."

There are also a number of photos with Scotty all around Los Angeles, and even one of him sneaking into Nora's kitchen to get supplies. If that isn't enough to charm you, there are plenty of recipes worth trying.

One of those that really stands out is Scotty's hand-written piece on how to make his own "Top Secret" stir-fry. It's been with him since he was 9 years old, and you can read it here. It's hilarious as he goes through each of the steps, only to reveal that the last thing to do is to "Throw the plate in the garbage."

Of course, Scotty's blog won't be complete without the usual Walker drama. He also writes about his relationship with Kevin, as well as some problems the family's been having.

If you want the guy's view on the stories Brothers and Sisters has been airing, don't hesitate to read his posts. It's really worth browsing, even if you're not a huge fan of the show. Reading Scotty's take on things can really help fight off the weeks we have to wait for the series' return.

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