'Ugly Betty' Creator Silvio Horta on Wednesdays, Braces and Daniel and Betty

Just like many shows this week, Ugly Betty has ended the year with its holiday episode. But our surprises from the show will be arriving when the series returns on January, because there's plenty to be excited about.

Silvio Horta talked to The Advocate about what's coming on Ugly Betty next year, from the joyous move to Wednesdays to the possibility of a Daniel and Betty romance. Yes, you read that right. After years of denying that option, he's giving in. Well, almost.

ABC's decision to haul Betty back to its original slot was certainly good news for the series' creator. "We're back on the radar," Horta said. "We were certainly off it for a while. I mean, Friday nights was ... you know, it wasn't a good night for us. ABC's hope was that our audience would follow us there and it didn't happen. Hopefully this new night and slot will allow people to rediscover the show."

He even hinted that if that move brings much success to the show, a fifth season might just be on the horizon. "I think we've been on a really good creative upswing of late, so hopefully everything will come together and we'll have a shot at going beyond a fourth year," the co-executive producer added.

But for our heroine to keep developing, some changes have to be made. One major one is the idea of having her braces removed. With the news of Betty's orthodontist returning next year, there's just enough evidence that this will occur in due time.

"Somewhere between episode 16 and 18. We're currently shooting 13, so ... very soon," Silvio Horta hinted. "[I]t's such a big moment. We want to make sure it airs during a good time. But, yeah, they sure are ready to come off."

And when that moment finally comes, who will Betty lock lips with eventually? There have been a number of guesses, from Matt to Henry to Gio. However, the majority of the fans just want the Daniel and Betty sparks to kick off.

"I've gone back and forth in my head over it," the creator explained. "At this point, nothing is out of the realm of possibility."

With all the exciting changes Betty's going through in 2010, who would dare miss out on this show? Catch the return of Ugly Betty on January 6 on ABC.

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