South Park Skewers the Jonas Brothers (and Disney) in a Superb Premiere Episode - Featured

South Park returned for its 13th season last night and the show was as sharp and biting as ever.

In the first episode of this new season, "Kenny's New Girlfriend", Kenny gets a girlfriend that has a slutty reputation. However, one Jonas Brothers concert experience later and Kenny's girlfriend is born again, interested only in wearing purity rings and watching Grey's Anatomy.

However, being South Park, things don't end here. The episode attacks much of the hypocrisy that surrounds these purity-pledges and goes so far as to suggest that Disney (complete with a chainsaw brandishing Mickey Mouse) deliberately pushes purity so that in reality they can sell sex.

With lines like, "You want the Jonas Brothers to douse you with their white foam?" (which a little research has proven that this actually does occur at a JoBros concert)...the episode is a can't miss!

What did you guys think of the South Park premiere?

Watch Kenny's New Girlfriend - South Park Studios


Default avatar cat
Mar 18, 2009 10:09PM EDT

amazing episode.clever, edgy, even ground breaking...No one fucks with Disney.
season 13 should be interesting...

Default avatar cat
Mar 19, 2009 1:58AM EDT

South Park never fails to speak the truth in the funniest way...loved it. And makes me think that Matt and Trey secretly like things like HSM and Jonas Brothers, even if just for good material.

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