Memphis Beat Episode Recap: ''I Want to Be Free'' Episode 10

The season finale of Memphis Beat takes us on an entertaining last ride through Memphis as we explore the main attractions of an ominous dream sequence, a three-year-old murder case, a convenient amnesiac, a kooky psychic and a sexy pinup calendar! Along the way we learn that our infallible hero, Dwight, is haunted by a past failure and we'll see how he handles the dire prediction that he "will be tested."

Dwight's bizarro dream sequence opens this week's episode. (This dream felt pretty real to me in that it was bizarro because I know I sure have some weird ones!) The dream opens with Dwight singing his heart out and receiving praise from Jerry Schilling (Elvis' best friend), which is the be-all and end-all for Dwight. This quickly sours as we see what's giving Dwight anxiety: his mama's impending nuptials, a young girl named Bella's unsolved murder and Lt. Rice in sexy lingerie - what!? Fortunately, Dwight is startled awake by Whitehead barking on the phone about an attempted murder at the supermarket.

At the scene of the crime, Drake, the victim, is of little help as a blow to his head has resulted in amnesia. Dwight searches for clues and finds a new-age crystal, which leads him to the shifty psychic across the street. The psychic says that Drake wanted to know if he was going to hell. She also warns Dwight that he "is at a crossroads," that he'll need to make a choice and that he'll be tested.

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