MEMPHIS BEAT ''I Shall Not Be Moved'' Review Episode 8

Usually any time there’s a hostage situation on a cop show, there’s no need to hunt around for clues about the case. Man with gun holding people hostage - no mystery who the bad guy is there. But in this episode of MEMPHIS BEAT, titled I Shall Not Be Moved, Dwight turns himself over to the hostage taker without any idea of what’s going on and gathering clues is exactly what he has to do.

The man with the gun turns out to be wanted for the murder of a girl, but claims that he was framed. He made the mistake of falling in love with the girl (who happened to be white), back in an ignorant time when that was considered wrong for a man of his color.

After the gunman is caught and Dwight and the other hostage are released, Dwight decides to continue looking into the case and Lieutenant Rice joins in to help. What they find is a lot of evidence that was never properly tested and the person who actually committed the crime was the girl’s ex-boyfriend, who is now the mayor.

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