'Big Brother': Someone volunteers to go on the block! Episode 6

The latest episode of Big Brother was filled with tears, smears, and a bold (some would say crazy) risk that could potentially lead to an early exit out the door. (SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday's episode of Big Brother.) The episode began with a premenstrual Britney getting weepy about having been put on the block along with Monet by Rachel. The full-on pity party was complete once Monet then joined the sob session and they both acted like their entire families have been mowed down by an axe murderer, or, in this case, a chemist/Vegas cocktail waitress. Later, Britney started crying to Rachel and wouldn't you know it - then she started crying! At this point I half expected notorious Survivor weeper Sugar to burst through the walls like an oversized pitcher of Kool-Aid. (Read on after the jump for more!)

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