PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Episode 10 ''Keep Your Friends Close'' Review

Can you believe that we are have already reached the season finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS? Well, actually it is the midseason finale, but since we have to wait until January for our Pretty Little Liars fix, it sure seems like a season! We are left with quite a cliffhanger, but no closer to the identity of A. It seems the only one who knows who A is for sure won't be talking anytime soon.

Every episode so far seems to have a central theme. If I had to pick one for tonight's espisode it would be awkward. There were so many awkward interactions and conversations that I felt myself wincing at times. It starts with Mona's birthday glamping trip and the girls half-hearted excuses to Hanna as to why they would not be able to come. If not for ''A'''s intervention, I think Mona's party would have been three less. How ironic that the only one that really cared about the party is the one that gets herself uninvited?

Of course the party just isn't about Mona, but is supposed to be a scavenger hunt to find A. We all know, though, that A really doesn't want to be found. A just wants everyone all in the same place to make it easier to orchestrate the texts and messages. In fact, when someone actually sees A and plans on telling the girls, we see her run over and left for dead. We know, in Rosewood, at least, no one ever stays dead which brings us to Toby. Toby is very much alive and tells Emily that he had nothing to do with Alison's death. He was merely thanking her for freeing him from Jenna who he claims is in love with him. Toby also claims he was not the last one to see Alison alive despite the fact that she was wearing his sweater. Instead, he saw her she drove off from the barn with an older man.

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