The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 7

When we last saw The Biggest Loser before the Olympics, Melissa was sent home and Cheryl and Darrel were going head to head to determine which one of them also would be sent packing. After nine grueling minutes of holding up a torch, Darrel's dropped and he had to say goodbye to his daughter and fellow contestant Andrea.

Alison announced this week that the contestants will be split into two teams - Blue vs. Black - and that the winner of a temptation challenge would gain the power to decide who's on the teams. Before learning what the players will be tempted with, they must decide whether they'd like to compete. Only Michael and Andrea want to play the classic game of memory. After a few rounds of no matches and numerous 100-calorie cookies consumed, Andrea finally got on a roll, but wasn't focusing on finding the one match that mattered - that golden ticket. Michael prevailed and found it first, but not before consuming 2,310 calories (and doing a nice little dance). Andrea consumed 1,320 calories during the game.

Michael picked the Blue and Black teams, and here's what he decided.

Blue (Bob is trainer): Michael, Koli, Darris, Lance, Miggy, Sunshine.

Black (Jillian is trainer): Sam, Cheryl, Stephanie, Sherry, Ashley.

He also oddly decided to give O'Neal immunity rather than himself.

The Black team was upset that Michael stacked his team with strength. So were the trainers. Michael explained he's looking out for himself - like Bob urged him to.

The challenge this week: work together as a team by standing on a rooftop and pulling a flag up the side of the building. Blue won and team members became teary-eyed as they got to read letters from home as their prize.

At the weigh-in, O'Neal went first because of his immunity. He lost 9 pounds.

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