COVERT AFFAIRS ''In The Light'' Review Episode 5

Annie is sent to enlist the help of a former CIA agent to catch an arms dealer in this episode of COVERT AFFAIRS, called In The Light. Eriq La Salle plays agent Christopher McAuley, a man who wants nothing to do with the Agency after the woman he loved was killed on an op. But when the man who’s responsible for her death comes back under the CIA’s radar, he agrees to help in order to get close enough to kill Hasaan Waleed himself.

While some people want Hasaan captured and others want him dead, Jai’s father, the former Director of Clandestine Services, warns Arthur that there’s more behind the story. Turns out that Hasaan used to be an asset and used funds and weapons he got from the CIA to build a terrorist cell. So they want Hasaan taken alive, and quietly. Annie manages to keep McAuley from killing him but unfortunately not before Ben shows up and does it instead. He is spotted by Jar but manages to barely get away without being seen by Annie. Which leaves us wondering who exactly Ben is and who is he working for?

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