Rundown: Episode 13, "Kissed Off"

A bunch of you weighed in on what's ailing Ugly Betty these days, but while the Internet may have heard our ideas for how to make it better, the show's writers have yet to turn it around (hey, any Betty writers out there reading our comments? Hey, you never know) because this week's episode is another sad sack of a show.

There's something so listless about it right now - even Marc and Amanda's zingers are falling flat! Several of you mentioned that it gets boring when Betty makes the same naive mistakes over and over again, and I totally agree. I mean, once again she forgets to complete a task as simple as ordering flowers. She may have a lot to learn about the fashion industry (I can believe her learning curve in that regard is steep), but she should be nailing the idiot-proof tasks by now. Ready to discuss?

* The episode opens with Betty hustling to move her stuff home. The Suarez household is abuzz with activity now that Betty's moving in and they've hired a hot nurse for Ignacio.

* Every time Ignacio stands up the girls are still all "No, Papi, sit!" It makes me uncomfortable to have them treat the man like a baby when health-wise he doesn't seem to need such gentle treatment.

* Daniel tosses his change into the garbage after buying something ("I hate pennies") and Molly gives him the nickname "Rich Jerk." (Clever?) Then she sends him the tackiest t-shirt ever with the words "Rich Jerk" scrolled across the front.

* Connor is still obsessed with the fact that Molly is dating someone else and needs to know who. Dude! You are dating someone else!. Ugh.

* He even disses Willi after she tells him about booking a table at restaurant for them - the same restaurant Jennifer Aniston apparently cries at!

* So Betty is trying to find a "responsible" new roommate for Amanda. It's cute how Amanda thinks everyone is "perfect!" but Betty rules them all out. One lady shares Amanda's enthusiasm for being naked, but Betty's all, "This is still my furniture.

* Ooo! But then Betty hears Jesse making music in the hallway. Amanda: "I bet you'd like to smash that guitar over his bedhead."

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