UNNATURAL HISTORY ''Curse of the Rolling Stone'' Review

The eighth episode of UNNATURAL HISTORY, Curse of the Rolling Stone, saw Henry and the gang trying to prevent evil grown ups snatching a 5000 year old stone (I know, I thought it was the band too) which brought misfortune and ruin to all who possessed it-and the list includes Alexander the Great, Marie Antoinette and Julius Caesar. Not a great company to be in if you’re looking for happy endings.

This episode inexplicably aired out of date. It was the perfect episode after the pilot; it substantiated Henry's alienation from the hi-tech generation of students, it strengthened the bond between the trio as they faced football bullies and café deficits and it established that Maggie actually can take care of herself, which would have been nice to see prior to seven episodes of her playing third wheel to Henry and Jasper’s Batman and Robin.

Regardless, it was another exciting episode. There were even more tidbits of knowledge thrown in than usual (which I love), with Henry quoting Nelson Mandela, Napoleon and Confucius whilst using a hollow pipe as a battering ram, to a quick Who’s Who on supposed ancient mythical curses-hello King Midas. And you would be hard pressed to find Hannah Montana trying to decipher an ancient text of Sanskrit (or, for that matter, the rat-attracting Jonas Brothers. Heh!)

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