Episode Recap: "Blood on the Scales"

Battlestar Galactica continues to thrill and chill at every turn as rebels take full control of the mighty Galactica ship. Zarek and Gaeta also put Adama on trial for treason, while Lee and Starbuck are able to free the Cylon prisoners in order to get help rescue Adama and return him to power.

We begin the episode where we left off - a grenade has been lobbed into the storage facility where Adama and Tigh have been hiding from the rebels. Though they're both knocked around a bit, they survive and are taken into custody.

Gaeta (that little weasel) has ordered that his rebels take out the raptor that's carrying Roslin to the Cylon baseship, but for some reason, Hot Dog can't fire. Narcho tries to get him to snap out of it, but then Roslin's voice comes over the P.A., begging for them not to fire. Ha! Your plan is foiled, Gaeta! Wait, no it's not. Narcho takes over and fires at the raptor, but luckily Athena is one heck of a pilot, and she dodges the missile. The raptor makes it safely on board the baseship, and my heart can start beating again.

Gaeta orders Tigh to be put in the brig with the Cylons and to bring Adama straight to the deck. Back on the baseship, Athena tells the rebel Cylons that the government has lost control of Galactica. She's not happy with that assessment, especially because the Cylons start panicking a bit. Awesomely, she really gets her presidential mojo back and tells them all to calm down. She orders them to stay put, and that the only chance Adama has to save the fleet is if they hide the baseship within the fleet; using them as cover.

Gaeta tries to get Adama to call Roslin and ask her to surrender. Adama, with murderous contempt in his eyes, refuses. He tells Gaeta that Gaeta is the now the Admiral, and it's his job to call the president and get her to laugh. Ha! Gaeta realizes that the baseship is taking cover in the fleet and tells his ships to stand down. Adama asks, in his best Clint Eastwood voice, "Are you going to shoot me now, Mr. Gaeta?"

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