Survivor: 'Coach' Wade Now Thinks He Was Shown In The Wrong Light

Biggest character of last season's Survivor: Tocantins? Benjamin Wade, no doubt. Never mind that J.T. won, in a finish that threw his close friendship with runner-up Stephen on the flames, and then some. Never mind that Sierra almost made a fool of herself, and somehow unwittingly catapulted Erinn to the final four. Never mind everything else. It was Coach who defined the season, with all the things he's said, and apparently done, and the way he seemed convinced that he's this and that. It's hard summarizing everything that he is in one introductory paragraph--or maybe it's me who wants to cram in every supposedly important detail.

But a lot more happened after that, and now that Coach's no longer bound against CBS' provisions against interviews, well, he's been set loose. And man, I'm reading through the interview he did with local newspaper The News-Leader, and it's seriously, seriously long. Just what you'd expect.

A lot did happen to Coach after his stint on Survivor. For one, he got fired from his slot as the coach of the women's soccer team at the Southern Baptist University. There was, apparently, a semblance of controversy surrounding that, with Coach allegedly telling his team that he's seeking cancer treatment.

"I did not tell the kids that I had cancer, but I wish I would've done it differently," he said. "I told them specificially: 'I'm going for testing. I'm going to be tested more than I've ever been tested in my life. I have to go. And pray that God shines through me while I'm gone.' ... I didn't realize that they were going to put two and two together. Right before I left [for Survivor], I called ... and he was like, everybody here thinks you have cancer."

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