Recap: Episode 3 "Trick Up Your Sleeve"

Last week on The Fashion Show: Daniella won, and Laura was eliminated after making her model look "homeless" in a drab black dress in the Tinsley Mortimer challenge. Which designer will get snipped tonight?

Tonight, the designers get ready for another harrowing day of challenges, and Reco is frustrated because he lost the last challenge because of his team members, and he wants to get on a different team.

Isaac and Kelly welcome the designers, and tell them to get into their teams. The Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge will be judged by Laura Brown from Harper's Bazaar. The challenge: each team needs to make four repairs to the same garment, in relay form: fix the shoulder pad and clean up the lining, attach missing buttons, fix the zipper, and repair the hem.

They have a total of 35 minutes to complete all the repairs. Markus thinks the time limit is absurd. Whoever does best from the winning team will have immunity. Laura tells them they can go as fast as they want, but quality is crucial.

It's down to the wire, but each team finishes, and we see the results:

James-Paul's team: the shoulder pad work is good, as are the buttons

Haven's team: the zipper is bad, and the buttons crooked

Anna's team: the zipper is good, but Keith left an unfinished and badly sewn hem

Reco is pissed once again because Haven messed up the zipper and ruined their chances to win. James-Paul's team wins, and the shoulder pad pushed them over the edge. Lidia's shoulder pad repair work was the highest quality, so she earns immunity.

Isaac asks for new head designers from each team. Lidia, Reco, and Daniella gain leadership on their teams.

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